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        1. The Renaissance of Silicon

          Listen in as some of the world’s top tech executives reveal their predictions for technology’s future, including the hidden ingredient critical to transformation.

          The future starts here.

          We define our future together. Micron innovation and your inspiration are shaping tomorrow's products, industries, and the world.

          Change the world. Join our team.

          Our memory needs your mind. At Micron, we're looking for visionaries,
          scientists, leaders, and believers to help us develop technologies that
          will transform our world. Join us.





          Discover careers

          Delivering innovation through diversity.

          We firmly believe a workforce with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives — that is focused on inclusion — makes Micron a better place to work.

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          Magnifying glass

          Helping students start careers.

          Translate your education and talent into a career fueled by possibilities. Micron can help you jumpstart your career and move seamlessly from education to innovation.

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          Diverse and inclusive work space

          Supporting educators, students, and our communities.

          We are focused on developing effective programs that promote science, technology, engineering, and math education in the communities where Micron employees live.

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