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        1. Micron Valued Partner Program

          Ecosystem Partner


          Top enablers are collaborating with Micron on “Chipset” solutions utilizing a broad range of Micron memory solutions.


          Collaborating with strategic partners is what we do. Our relationships with preferred partners and key enablers are our top priority. Through those relationships, we're building a Chipset ecosystem that promotes connections and co-development efforts that lead to better solutions for our customers.

          Microchip Atmel

          Get more details about what we're doing to make your designs more successful.

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          Channel Partner

          Whether you're a reseller focusing on server, storage & networking, PC & mobile, or the graphics & consumer market, Micron has a Channel Partner program designed for you.
          Join us—the industry leader in memory solutions—and gain a competitive advantage as a Micron Valued Partner (MVP).

          The Channel Partner MVP program is designed for e-tailers, retailers, resellers, and distributors that sell memory and storage products to businesses, government agencies, and consumers. Through this program, you’ll gain access to our full range of Micron and Crucial memory and storage solutions, along with the training, support and marketing resources you need to drive sales across a wide portfolio and increase your bottom line.


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